Zidane, Dugarry… Deschamps comes out with his truths!

Didier Deschamps has clarified things about his relationship with Zinedine Zidane, and more generally with the former France 98. The coach of the Blues is trying to calm things down.

Zinedine Zidane against Didier Deschamps? The two former teammates are now competitors, since the legendary No. 10 of the Blues was the main competitor of his captain for the position of coach of the France team.

It is also because he had wanted to defend the choice to extend Deschamps that Noël Le Graët had criticized Zidane, in a declaration which had triggered the media storm which will lead to his resignation.

Deschamps against Zidane is therefore a real subject, which the Bayonais could not avoid in the interviews published on Friday. “For a few years now, I’ve had this ability to remain impervious to the outside world. The debates, the possible controversies, the consumption of the place, but they have no hold on me, Indicates Didier Deschamps on a subject of Zidane in the columns of the Parisian. The context has led to a sporting rivalry between us. It was not me nor him who created it. I don’t have a problem with that. As long as there is respect between us, that’s the main thing. »

« We must not touch France 98 »

“I am not in a fight with Zizou. That he wants to be coach, it does not bother me.added Deschamps, in the other entries he granted, this time to Le Figaro.

This Zidane-Deschamps soap opera had found its extension with questions about the agreement between the various 1998 world champions. If several former meet regularly, Deschamps, the team captain, rarely comes to meetings, and his absence from the group Whatsapp France 98 has been commented on a lot.

This annoys “DD”: « I’m not the only one missing from the WhatsApp group, there are only 14 1998 alumni in it. We must not touch France 98. France 98 is sacred. France 98 is a symbol of unity. Do not count on me to go in the direction of division. Whether some occur punctually or not during the gatherings, that is up to us. That I had a problem with « Duga » (Christophe Dugarry, editor’s note), yes. The important thing is that France 98 is going well, with different affinities and routes. »