the very empty stands at Geoffroy Guichard

It almost feels like going back a few months at the time of the covid confinement and the empty stadiums. On the occasion of the 17th day of the Ligue 2 championship and an appointment between Saint-Etienne and Caen, the trips of Geoffroy Guichard were practically empty. Indeed, four groups of Saint-Etienne supporters called for a boycott of the match, because of the poor results of his team.

A boycott which could last until January 10 on the occasion of the reception of Laval on behalf of the 18th day.

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Yet everything was there to attract the crowd: a holiday period, rather mild weather in December, and a single price of 10 euros.

We do not expect more than 7000 spectators in the stands of Geoffroy-Guyichard this evening.

On the security side, the system is reinforced as with each home meeting. The prefecture of the Loire affirms that to do a lot of monitoring work during this meeting in order to anticipate any risk of incident. It is especially in case of defeat that the risk could increase. Knowing that the club remains under the threat of a penalty of 3 additional points in the event of new overflows.