The summer of 1987 in Fontainebleau. You football, swimming… and demonstrations!

The first step of the Fontainebleau-Melun Entente in the second division does not go as planned
The first step of the Fontainebleau-Melun Entente in the second division does not go as planned ©YV/RSM77

The beginning of the summer of 1987 was marked by udo not live the controversy in Fontainebleau, concerning the guardrail project on the RN7, in the forest. If the but is to ensure greater security on the black spots of road safety in the forest of Fontainebleau, the defense associations are not of the same opinion. In the Republic of Seine and Marnethe title of the newspaper on the RN7 controversy. Their cry from the heart: « No to a disguised highway in the heart of the forest ». It is at the Obelisk that the various opponents of the project demonstrate, to demand that « traffic be limited by incentive or restrictive measures, in particular by promoting the use of motorways by users who move through the forest  » .

A highway in the middle of the forest

A tunnel even passes between the bends of Recloses and the Pavé-du-Roy. The point that poses the most concern is when the explanation of the RN7. « We are resolutely against this enlargement decided without a prior impact study », protests Mr. Dayez, president of Fontainebleau Ecologie. It is simply monstrous to consider a four-lane road with a concrete separation as if it were an ordinary highway, and this, in the heart of a forest that is sufficiently damaged, desecrated from all sides and in a thousand ways”, storms Mrs. De Cosse-Brissac, president of the Friends of the Forest. A project that will finally see the light of day, with always, 35 years later, this same issue of crossings of the massif by vehicles.

The forest swimming pool takes care of the customers
The forest swimming pool takes care of customers ©YV/RSM77

Easier, but no less important: in The Republic On July 27, journalists report on the entry into the running of Entente MF 77, which is starting the French (Site notre blog d’information) Championship in the second division. A championship that starts with the reception of Rouen, in front of 2,500 spectators. All the right ingredients were there to make the party great. A brand new stand, and after the match a sound and light show worthy of Bernard Tapie. But everything does not go as planned, with a defeat in the key: « It’s what we call learning the second division ».

An old swimming pool

A protest movement against the safety fall of the RN7
A protest movement against the RN7 guardrail ©YV/RSM77

In the heart of summer, the question of swimming pools also makes the headlines of the newspaper. If in Avon, we fill in the hole of the old « Dolly Sisters » swimming pool, which used to be a superb swimming pool where the American stars distributed to bathe, on the side of the station, the swimming pool of the forest is getting a makeover: » A hundred entries Wednesday, August 19 “, rejoices the director. Good news at the heart of a season thwarted by rains and storms:  » Fifteen sunny days in July, and five days in August : a very bad season which caused turnover to drop by almost 50% compared to last year », suffering competition from the less expensive swimming pool at La Faisanderie. However, for 24 francs, the public had access at the swimming pool and its two open-air pools, and at the famous mini-golf for 20 francs more. « It’s expensive, some will say, but we must not forget that the swimming pool in the forest is private », comments the journalise, which assures that the swimming pool is « one of the most pleasant places to spend a moment of relaxation ».

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