Soccer. UEFA has changed the format of the League of Nations and the qualifications in selection.

You change for the European national selections. UEFA adopted several format changes on Wednesday January 25 for the Nations League as well as the European Championship and World Cup qualifiers.

Nations League quarter-finals

The body has decided to add a stage in the final course of the contenders for the League of Nations. The first and second accesses of League A groups will now have to play quarter-finals to have the last four. In the form of a two-way confrontation, two additional matches.

A two-way promotion/relegation barrage is also added with the second-placed League B players. A format that will also concern the third-placed League B players with the finalists of League C.

The qualification form for the Euros and the World Cup has also been revised. The selections will be divided into twelve groups of four or maximum teams. For the two competitions, the first of each group will always be qualified, but the second (all for the World Cup and part for the Euro) will go through a barrage.

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This change will take effect after Euro 2024. The European body will then confirm that the Euro will be based on 24 teams.