It is. (Cpe): Inter come a long way
01/10It is. (Cpe): Inter come a long way 01/10PSG: Ramos, a positive trend 01/10Eng. (Cpe): Man Utd and Newcastle qualify 01/10L2: the complete class 01/10L2: the results of the evening 01/10Montpellier: 11 M refuses for Estve 01/10Dortmund: Moukoko, Newcastle in force 01/10PSG: Mukiele, Galtier give the good points 01/10PHOTO: Pogba back with Juve 01/10Strasbourg: Guilbert back soon? 01/10Villarreal: Everton start for Danjuma 01/10EdF: Mbappé captain? Galtier delays 01/10Nantes: the reactive Calf track 01/10Man Utd: Weghorst, a step forward… 01/10Strasbourg: Thomasson on his way to Lens 01/10Bara: Atlético uses Depay! 01/10OM: Guendouzi in reflection for a PL club 01/10EdF: Le Grat, Petit does not understand DD 01/10PSG: the future of Messi, the message of Galtier 01/10OM: Malinovskyi well qualified for Troyes 01/10VIDEO: Haller played again in friendly 01/10Man Utd: Dalot feasts with Ten Hag 01/10Man City: Wilson-Esbrand loan in D2 (off.) 01/10FFF: the CNE calls for the Grat mission 01/10Montpellier: Sakho and Khazri pushed out 01/10PSG: party pass at the Park for Messi 01/10PSG: Saudi Arabia, Galtier does not get wet 01/10Reims: sprained knee for Holm 01/10Lorient: Loric extend then ready in L2 (off.) 01/10Belgium: Henry denies having applied 01/10Al-Nassr: an interest in… Savanier? 01/10ASS: Antonetti makes a comeback 01/10FFF: the Comex will run urgently on Wednesday 01/10Belgium: Pirlo candidate! 01/10PSG: Zare-Emery, the lodges of Galtier 01/10Montpellier: Cozza against Wolfsburg? 01/10PSG: Ounahi, Campos has confidence in Zare-Emery 01/10L1: already 9 coaches carts, it’s a record! 01/10Rennes: Southampton thinks documentary 01/10EdF: C. Galtier – « Zidane deserves respect » 01/10PSG: without Verratti against Angers 01/10Chelsea: Joao Flix, it’s done! 01/10FFF: contact established between Macron and Platini 01/10Brest: Lala had three offers in L1 01/10FFF: other testimonies overwhelm Le Grat 01/10Lorient: an express return for Soumano? 01/10Frankfurt: even for 100 M€, the remains of Kolo Muani 01/10OM: with Malinovskyi against Troyes? 01/10Montpellier: Cozza has made his decision 01/10Atletico: Simeone would like to leave! 01/10FFF: Sonia Souid witness against Le Grat 01/10Montpellier: Delay ready in National (off.) 01/10Al-Nassr: coming from PSG, Garcia « not happy » 01/10FFF: Le Grat, members of the Agacs executive committee 01/10Lorient: and a part planned in midfield 01/10EdF: Varane preferred for the armband? 01/10ASSE: Battles against the wall 01/09Eng. (Cpe): Arsenal joins Man City 01/09EdF: the shots on goal, the confession of Lloris 01/09OM: Pau Lopez’s daring declaration 01/09Real: major blow for Tchouamni 01/09EdF: Lloris and the rumors about Benzema 01/09PSG: with Neymar and Messi against Angers 01/09EdF: the tribute of Deschamps Lloris 01/09EdF: Lloris reframes Le Grat 01/09Belgium: Henry also has the support of Openda 01/09EdF: Lloris is retiring from international (Site notre bureau spécialisé)! 01/09EdF: Le Grat, the minister congratulates Mbappé 01/09EdF: Macron « shocked » by Le Grat 01/09Nice: the track Stéphane dj studies 01/09Nice: official Favre map 01/09FFF: Ouda-Castra sinks Le Grat 01/09EdF: Zidane, Le Grat a Haise surprise 01/09Strasbourg: a side of Olympiakos followed 01/09OM: Malinovskyi, it’s done! (official) 01/09MF poll: CR7 does not waste its end 01/09OM: keys in L1 for Amavi 01/09Troyes: substitute, Rami accepts his fate 01/09Germany: Müller will finally continue 01/09Al-Nassr: CR7, Garcia compares with Pel 01/09OM: Tudor sees Dieng on the right track 01/09Atlético: Flix on his way to Chelsea! 01/09Palace: Zaha will not move this winter 01/09Brussels: contacts with Mourinho? 01/09Miscellaneous: end clap for ball! (official) 01/09Manchester City: Guardiola tickles Mahrez 01/09Montpellier: Souquet leaves Chicago (off.) 01/09Nice: Favre cart! 01/09FFF: White and Gnsio tackle Le Grat 01/09OM: Malinovskyi and the transfer window, Tudor responds 01/09Atlético: Flix, the point of Cerezo 01/09OM: Payet absent against Troyes 01/09Chelsea: Potter would not be threatened 01/09EdF: Riolo wants the departures of Le Grat and DD 01/09Inter: Lukaku still blessed on the knee 01/09Chelsea: Tuchel, Potter does not blame the fans 01/09FFF: The Grat uses Call Zidane 01/09Portugal: Martinez will speak with Ronaldo 01/09Bara: Christensen, Xavi rubbing his hands 01/09Portugal: R. Martinez, it’s done (official) 01/09Chelsea: Kant does want to stay 01/09Nice: Favre still in great danger! 01/09Strasbourg: Stéphane takes the door! (disabled.) 01/09EdF: the recall of Djaziri Le Grat 01/09Nice: Delort proposes Nantes 01/09PSG: discussions for Ounahi, but … 01/09Inter: doubles on Lukaku? 01/09Manchester United: Maguire Villa, the false rumor 01/09Chelsea: Potter, Guardiola need time 01/09EdF: Zidane, Le Grat apologizes 01/09Portugal: R. Martinez present this Monday 01/09Angers: Ounahi, the surprise of PSG? 01/09EdF: Zidane, even Real pings Le Grat 01/09EdF: Djorkaeff tackles Le Grat 01/09VIDEO: Malinovskyi finds himself in Marseille 01/09PSG: QSI soon Tottenham? 01/09EdF: Zidane does not intend to react hot 01/09OM: a piston opportunity? 01/09EdF: Zidane, the Le Grat clan calms things down 01/08FFF: Le Grat talks about his successor