French Football Cup: who are the Vendeans in the running for the 5th round?

The R3 team can dream of facing a
The R3 team can dream of facing a « big » in the 5th round. ©Cheffois Antigny

They are eleven to have won their ticket for the 5th round.

A little Thumb from D1

In particular the little Poucet of D1, the FC Mouchamps Rochetrejoux Winner of the R3 of FC Château-Gontier (4-2).

We will also follow the R3 of the FC Jard-Avrillé who qualified with the R2 of RC Doué-la-Fontaine, thanks, again, to his goalkeeper, Nathan Bulteau, author of 3 goals (quadrupled to 1he and 2e rounds, from a double to 3e and a triple at 4e).

The CASM (Cheffois-Antigny-Saint-Maurice), winner of Luçon 3-1, is the other resident of R3 who passes the fifth.

The R2 of Mouilleron Sport (Site notre blog d’information) also qualified against Landreau-Loroux (2-0), as did Mareuil SC in Saint-Pierre-la-Cour (3-1).

There are two R1s left in the department: theAS La Châtaigneraie who dismissed TVEC85 Les Sables (3-1) after a very open match and FCOC des Sables who snatched his qualification in additional time at the R3 of Saint-Saturnin (2-1).

Four « nationals »

If Pouzauges (N3) was knocked out by Saumur (N2) 0-1, the rest of the four national level clubs: the FC Challans (N3) big winner of Craon 8-0, Vendee Fontenay (Site notre blog d’information) (N3) qualified without shining at Don Bosco Nantes (2-0), La Roche VF (N3) who did not tremble at Chantrigné (4-0) and (Site notre blog d’information) Vendee Les Herbiers (N2) won 6-0 at Pouancé.

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Draw Wednesday

The draw for Pays de la Loire will take place this Wednesday, September 28 at 7 p.m.

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