Football (National 2): ​​a duo of coaches who no longer lose Beauvais

With the duo Hervé Laronce-Abdelkader Sahnoun at its head, AS Beauvais-Oise chained a third match without defeat, Saturday in Chartres.

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At the start of the season, under the orders of Sébastien Dailly, Beauvais was mainly fishing defensively. The spectacular defeat against Racing Colombes 92 (3-5) was the most striking demonstration. Since the Hervé Laronce-Abdelkader Sahnoun duo replaced Dailly, on sick leave, the Beauvaisiens have been in more difficulty offensively (1 but in 3 matches) but have regained defensive solidity.

Saturday in Chartres (0-0), they thus chained a third match without conceding a goal, which does not however allow them yet to leave the relegation zone. « 
The content is good
believes midfielder Adil Azbague. But we do not put this small but which makes us win. After Chambly (0-0), on a recall played a good opponent. Being strong against this kind of team is reassuring.

“We started off on a good (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ing”

With five points in 3 games (in 3 trips), the coaching duo brought Beauvais back to a more suitable level.  »
We started off on a good (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ing. They don’t hesitate to change and try things and it works well
“, Supports Azbague who himself was established on Saturday as a left piston at the be of a 3-5-2 unprecedented this season.

Hervé Laronce and Abdeldaker Sahnoun will again be in charge of Beauvais on Saturday in Granville with results that speak for them.

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