Football: Boulogne offers Amiens B to Libé on a flash of Beauvue

We played the 84th minute and the public who had preferred USBCO to the semi-final of the Women’s Euro began to think that they were going to witness a 0-0, as too often in recent seasons at Libé. A few minutes before, captain Claudio Beauvue had missed a huge opportunity, alone at 10m against the goalkeeper of Amiens B, when suddenly, the former Guingampais was going to unblock the situation.

On a long deep ball, he perfectly exploited the crude hesitation of the young central Picard, recovered the ball alone in the surface in an off-center situation and, with a cool head, eliminated a defense before offering the caviar to Nagim Amini rather than playing it personally (1-0, 84th). His forward partner in the 4-4-2 from Boulogne only had to slip it into the back of the net, an offer and logical success in view of the 2nd period for Christophe Raymond’s men.

On this first home game, we will remember that Boulogne wants to play, « it’s more pleasant than last year », we heard in the stands, makes the ball well circular and was much more interesting in the 2nd period than first, where the 3 players on trial, all up front (Madiani, Jacquel and Pandor) have no special points scored, unlike the elusive right winger Ibrahim Keita. After the break, it was more consistent, more sustained and logically rewarded with a success, signed by the Beauvue-Amini duo.


But: Amini (84th)

BOULOGNE (MT 1): Petrel – Duflos, J. Bultel, Zohore, J. Oyono – I. Keita, Flochon, B. Diomande, Madiani – Jacquel, Pandor

BOULOGNE (MT 2): Petrel (Lhermitte, 60th) – Duflos (Vialaneix, 60th), H. Touré, Cal, J. Oyono (N. Diallo, 60th) – Baala, Flochon (Senneville, 60th), Vercruysse, El Mesbahi -Amini, Beauvue

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