Feel good stories: the dance of the mascots and a childhood dream come true

With our feel-good stories, we bring you great stories from the last days of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) ahead of the exciting season finale.

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Mascot Duo

At Colombian club Santa Fe, the men’s team mascot asked the women’s team to dance before the game.

The two lions danced as a duo and thus show the cohesion of the two departments of the club.

Last will

A resident of the Gelsenkirchen hospice has one last request: to attend the Schalke match. The hospice worker visited Schalke fans via social media. Although the man and the nursing staff had been given tickets, due to the security risk behind the door in the south curve, the employee asked if anyone would be willing to exchange tickets with her.

When asked, many Schalke fans answered. Among them, for example, the streamer « GamerBrother », who expressed his willingness to help. At the end, someone spoke up so the seats could be swapped and the man’s dying wish could come true.

New lead singer

Capos are the lead singers of Ultras in (Site notre bureau spécialisé). At every game, home or away, they warm up their team and kick off the chants. So, if you have a passion for a club, it is better to train early:

The little boy leads the choirs of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Still at the bar, but maybe later at the stadium. Anyway it works!

place on the bench

During the Slavia vs Sparta Prague derby, 7-year-old Sébastien lost his group, wandering in search of them before arriving on the Slavia bench. Players noticed the boy and asked if he was lost. They then offered him a place on the bench where he could watch the game.

Fortunately, soon after, a guard came, who discovered the boy and brought him back to his group.

Childhood dreams come true

From dishwasher to millionaire, or from six-year-old Inter fan to Nerazzurri CL hero. Federico Dimarco’s story is touching and Hollywood-ready at the same time. The Inter defender reached the Champions League final with his favorite club against city rivals Milan (1-0) in the week.

20 years earlier, as a young boy, he was already in Milan’s corner when Inter lost to Milan. A touching story that shows itself once again. Everything is possible in (Site notre bureau spécialisé) – always dream.