Feel good stories: marriage proposal before Mourinho, good news from Haller

It’s too hot outside and the week has been a bit silly? Don’t panic, we’ll put you in a good mood with our wellness stories.

Hannover coach gives gifts to homeless people

Journalists can be quite boring sometimes and ask the wrong questions, Toni Kroos can tell you a thing or two.

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But in the case of Stefan Leitl, the Bild newspaper saw a situation that probably would not have been known otherwise. Apparently a homeless man who wasn’t wearing a T-shirt watched the Hanoverians practice.


The 96 coach noticed the spectator in training and reacted. Leitl took a jersey and a 50 euro note from the locker room and handed it to the man. The two chatted briefly before the coach disappeared into the locker room. When asked, he told ‘Bild’: « I think it’s fundamentally important to see and perceive other social realities and to always look beyond your own nose. »

The second division team is also involved in the social field, which is also important for Leitl personally, he added.

Effzeh professionals sign the ball for a small fan

During the current heatwave, many people are having difficulty with their circulation. Just like a little Efzeh fan who watched the professionals train. After first aid, Jan Thielmann from Cologne took the ball the boy had with him without further ado.

The ball went into the locker room, where it was signed by all the players. The little fan will certainly be very happy about it, we are sure.

Meeting Mourinho is going to be romantic

This Roma fan took it to heart to do something special when he met ‘The special one’. After the obligatory commemorative photo was taken, the Italian asked Mourinho to remain implored.

He then proposed marriage in front of his girlfriend’s trainer. Unfortunately, we can’t report exactly what the Italian said, but judging by the reaction of those present, his girlfriend said yes. And Mourinho was happy too.

Haller reports from the hospital

This week it was announced that Sebastien Haller had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Fortunately, on Thursday evening there was already good news about the new BVB signing. The first step was successful, he tweeted and sent a picture of himself with a thumbs up.

Haller also thanked the people of Dortmund and their medical service, « who took great care of me. » He also thanked the nursing staff at the hospital in his tweet.

From the cage to the square

Oleksandr Zinchenko has been under contract with Arsenal FC since Friday. He has already had his first official photo shoot. Striking: The first official photo of Zinchenko had barely been published when the first photos of him younger with a Gunners jersey were already circulating on the Internet.

It’s unclear if Arsenal FC is his ‘childhood dream’ or if he bought the shirt out of sympathy for a certain player. Nevertheless, you can very well recognize the 25-year-old in his former self.