Earthquake in sight at OM?

Author of a most promising first season at the head of Olympique de Marseille, Igor Tudor could well and truly leave the Olympian club this summer.

Olympique de Marseille is performing in an exceptional season. And not only because of his historic success against PSG at the Vélodrome, in the knockout stages of the Coupe de France. Also with 73 points on the clock with two games to go, OM panicked the counters as rarely. Unfortunately for the Olympian club, PSG and Lens are doing even better and the Ciel et Blancs fear they will have to settle for third place.

However, Igor Tudor’s first season on the Olympian bench was a success overall. Only its management is questionable for most observers. Nevertheless, the hypothesis of a departure from the Croatian this summer is gaining more and more thickness. Saturday, after the defeat conceded on the lawn of Losc, France Bleu Provence assured that the former Turinese would no longer be the coach of OM next season. A rumor also denied, Pablo Longoria still counting on the Croatian technician for next season.

You tomorrow, Juventus Turin calls it…

But according to the journalist Alexandre Jacquin, and part of Igor Tudor is indeed to be considered. The old defense would indeed see a very good eye a return to Serie A and it will inevitably be very attentive to the solicitations of places in Italy. “OM want to keep Tudor, there is no debate, Longoria has not decided to part with it. It is certain that Marseille wants to keep its coach. Tudor will accommodate the workforce unlike Sampaoli who was very demanding and who slammed the door overnight last summer. On the other hand, Tudor’s desire to return to Italy really exists, he designated at the microphone of (Site notre blog d’information) Club de Marseille. At Juventus Turin, he is at home, but Juve still has to watch over him. For Juve, Tudor is a bit like Papin, he is part of the family of this club. If tomorrow, Juventus Turin calls him, he will want everything, that’s for sure. »

However, a sudden departure from Igor Tudor would not be experienced as a disaster by Pablo Longoria, even if the president of OM ardently wishes to keep him. “To date, I have no information on the fact that he is about to leave, I know that OM really want to keep him. If real Tudor wants to leave, Longoria will accommodate it, did he analyze. It does not scare him to change coaches and squads every year. It’s a bit his trademark, he’s strong for that. Ultimately on that, I’m not worried. Even if the coach leaves, Pablo Longoria will always have a good hand, it’s not Jacques-Henri Eyraud. »