3rd league: This is how Elversberg, SVWW & Co. enter the transfer window

Third Division Fan Series with 4 teams

(Site notre blog d’information) takes a detailed look at the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga 3 squads with the help of the community. How do fans rate the season so far, what should happen in the upcoming January transfer window and how can the season end satisfactorily then? For this we asked around in the forums and picked up ratings. He continues in league 3 with SV 07 Elversberg, SV Wehen Wiesbaden, Ingolstadt 04 and SC Verl.

SV Elversberg: Transfers not absolutely necessary, contracts should be extended

My expectations for the transfer phase of SV 07 Elversberg are actually very positive, as we have little pressure to bring in new players after a great first half of the season. The club have already announced that they will take a close look at the market and only sign players who help us and fit the team.

You take a closer look at central defense because that’s where most of the failures were recorded in the first half of the season and captain Kevin Conrad and Marcel Correia will still be missing. But I agree: a transfer only makes sense if the player fits the team and the system. Because the good atmosphere and the team spirit ensured that we played this great first part of the season and that we should not spoil it with useless transfers. The team lives from its unity. Of course, it helps that Carlo Sickinger comes back from injury with a lot of quality and I hope Israel Suero Fernández shows his skills a bit more often in the second half of the season. With the two players, we would have two new additions to the squad, so to speak.

What else should I write big? After the first half of the season you can already play for the next third divisionPlanning a season or dreaming more and then only transfers that would also help you in the 2nd Bundesliga makes sense. We will probably not experience a stroke of luck as often as with Jannik Rochelt (eight goals / seven assists). His example shows a small danger, even if I do not believe that a player will leave us in winter: success arouses envy and arouses the interest of certain players. This is where Elversberg has the most work to do: extending contracts.

Of great fan

SVWW: 3rd place was not to be expected before the season

SV Wehen Wiesbaden are probably one of the few third division clubs to be relaxed in the winter transfer market. While teams like Dynamo Dresden, Waldhof Mannheim or TSV 1860 Munich expected more and had to react accordingly, third place for the SVWW in the winter break was not there.

Coach Markus Kauczinski has managed to give the team, which has hardly changed in terms of personnel, an almost perfectly suited system with the 3-4-1-2. The opponent is pressured and stressed early on, and high speed is one of the greatest strengths of an attacking game. The signing of Ivan Prtajin, who was previously unknown in this country (eight goals and three assists in 13 games), turned out to be a direct hit. Left-back Brooklyn Ezeh not only broke into the starting XI after being signed by relegated Third Division side Viktoria Berlin, but he also became one of the best players (five assists). Kianz Froese (five goalscorers in 12 appearances), who was also signed by TSV Havelse, is representative of the quality of being able to recharge from the bank. 14 goals by substitutes means the highest number among Third Division sides.

Injuries – including those caused by Robin Heusser (ex SSV Ulm) – could be compensated for a long time on an equal (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ing. It was only when nine players were missing at once, for example in the best match at 1860 (1:3), that the team reached its limits. The failure of first-choice goalkeeper Florian Stritzel (broken shoulder joint) was also the reason Mohamed Amsif was signed for the rest of the round. Based on his performances so far, however, native Arthur Lyska should have an advantage in the race for the spot between the posts.

From Siebert to Atubolu: The most valuable players in the 3rd division

11 Jamil Siebert – Viktoria Cologne – Market value: €700,000

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(as of December 8, 2022)

11 Visar Musliu – FC Ingolstadt – market value: €700,000

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10 Kenneth Schmidt – SC Freiburg II – market value: €750,000

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9 Robert Wagner – SC Freiburg II – market value: €900,000

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4 Leandro Morgalla – 1860 Munich – market value: 1 M€

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4 Soumaïla Coulibaly – BVB II – market value: €1m

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4 Abdoulaye Kamara – BVB II – market value: €1m

&copy imago images

4 Luca Unbehaun – BVB II – market value: €1m

&copy imago images

4 Jayden Braaf – BVB II – market value: €1m

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3 Marcel Lotka – BVB II – market value: €1.3m

&copy IMAGO

1 Merlin Röhl – SC Friborg II – market value: €2m

&copy IMAGO

1 Noah Atubolu – SC Freiburg II – market value: €2m

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Suheyel Najar is still difficult to assess. After his stellar season at Fortuna Cologne, he was unable to gain a (Site notre bureau spécialisé)hold for his former 3rd Division club due to an injury from the last game. The talented Amin Farouk, who made a few appearances in the starting XI last season, could benefit from a loan for his development. Otherwise, no major changes are to be expected. If the injured quickly recover their form and there are no more failures, the team can be expected to finish in the race for promotion.

By FCBayern_Fan92

FC Ingolstadt: excellent at the back, expandable at the front

The « Schanzern » are satisfied: With 31 points, the FCI is in fourth place, only three goals from the relegation spot and two points from second place. The start of the season was particularly successful, and it was not until the sixth day of the match that the first defeat – apart from the DFB Cup against Darmstadt – came. But on the next game day, the following round zero followed with six games unbeaten and then two more losses before the first part of the season ended with two 1-0 wins against Halle and at Duisburg.

These last two results show where the sites are and where not: while the defense is the second best in the championship with only 14 goals conceded – only Saarbrücken has conceded one goal less – the offensive with 24 goals is the third worst from the top. half of the table. A balance that cannot be satisfied in the Danubian city. It doesn’t help that striker Patrick Schmidt twisted his knee shortly after being substituted in the final game before the World Cup break and will likely be out until February with a torn medial ligament. Pascal Testroet does not yet ignite as much as we had hoped on the Schanz.

On the other hand, Tobias Bech was able to stand out positively on the offensive, especially in the first part of the season. The 20-year-old newcomer didn’t need any warm-up time after leaving Viborg FF and is the Ingolstadt side’s top scorer with six goals. Towards the end of the first part of the season, however, he was only allowed to sit on the bench at the start of the game, which was partly due to system changes, but also partly because that Arian Llugiqi and David Kopacz had preference on the wing positions.

It remains to be seen whether Rüdiger Rehm, despite the expanding offensive, will afford the luxury of awarding the most dangerous striker the role of wild card in the new year. In any case, weaknesses have also been identified among those responsible and want to be addressed. Then everything is possible in view of the ascension.

From Hagenauer

SC Verl: late transfers changed the game

This summer too, there was a big upheaval at SC Verl which has almost become a tradition. Top performers such as Christopher Lannert, Kasim Rabihic, Leandro Putaro and Ron Berlinski left East Westphalia to join the ambitious competition. A total of 18 players were dismissed. On the other hand, there was a whopping 19 external newcomers. Given that high turnover, it’s no wonder the near-relegated last season struggled at the start of the season. In the first five games, only a measly point jumped out.

But the truth is that Mitch Kniat’s team didn’t do badly in those games. On the contrary, there were some unfortunate defeats. Despite this, Verl stepped up his game again after the start of the season – with success: Michel Stöcker, Nicolas Sessa and Yari Otto, who were signed after the start of the season, worked their way straight into the starting XI. start and helped wrap the pitch from behind. The more the first part of the season progressed, the stronger Verl became: from the ninth day of play, the SCV scored the second highest number of points after the leader Elversberg.

The reward is a safe place in midfield for the winter break. A result that would have been signed immediately at Verl as the season approached. Especially after the botched start to the season, you can be very happy with the result at halftime. Coach Kniat has done an excellent job: despite the painful departures and the many newcomers, he has been able to form a very exciting new team with surprising speed. As in previous years, Verl is one of the best teams this season.

No matter how well the second half of the first half of the season went, no one lost traction in Verl. At the sports club, you know staying in the league would be another big hit. Hopefully Verl can finally play real home games again on the way. The Sportclub Arena is currently being refurbished – with the diligent help of loyal fans. If all goes according to plan, Verl will finally go for points in his own living room in the season finale.

By jojo1860

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