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ᑕ❶ᑐ The lawyer who defended Cuca in Switzerland asks them to let the technician work: « He signed up and paid »

Lawyer Luiz Carlos Silveira Martins, better known as Cacalo, who defended Cuca and 3 other players accused of abusing the sexuality of a 13-year-old girl in 1987 in Switzerland, spoke on the case.

In an interview with the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, Cacalo, who at the time was the legal vice president of the guildwhere the four athletes played, classified the treatment that is given to Cuca today as « every ».

“I am not defending or accusing anyone in the process, justice has already decided, but Cuca can no longer work. He signed up and paid,” he began by saying.

“Now Cuca can’t work anymore because the girls from Corinthians, the girls from whoever, dammit… Everyone who goes on with their lives, leaves the guy. He didn’t run away, he was Does a dude have to have his life turned upside down forever by a mistake? asked the lawyer.

At the time, Cacalo traveled to the country to defend the players and managed to free all four about a month later. Cuca, Henrique Etges, Fernando Castoldi and Eduardo Hamester posted bail, returned to Brazil and, two years later, were tried and sentenced in Switzerland.

The lawyer disagrees with the extent of the repercussion the case has gained since the coach arrived at the Corinthians. The coach could not resist the pressure of the crowd and gave up the position six days later at the request of his family..

According to Cacalo, the crime of sexual harassment had another legal classification in Switzerland and should not be confused with the current understanding of viola in Brazil.

“Times have changed, it’s been 37 years. I can’t even tell you how it would be today, but it was a very different situation back then. Fortunately, we had a favorable result, because the request from the prosecutor’s office was a much heavier penalty for rape,” he said.

Cacalo also pointed out that the coach had a memory lapse when he said he was tried in absentia. According to the lawyer, the process followed standard procedure, with follow-up by Gremio’s legal department.

Last Friday (9), Journal National, from TV Globo, a gift part of the 1023-page court file kept in the State Archives of the Canton of Bern which confirms the presence of Cuca’s sperm on the victim of the rape case.

In his presentation to the Corinthians last week, Cuca said he was innocent, that the victim did not recognize him as one of the rapists and that he did not participate in the sexual act..

Director of the institution, Barbara Studer read the trial in its entirety and explained to TV that the case had been under judicial secrecy for 110 years. She nevertheless agrees to show a page of the document, number 915, which begins the judgment in the case, pronounced by the Criminal Court of Bern on August 15, 1989.

The document lists the names of the four defendants: Alexi Stival (Cuca), Henrique Etges, Eduardo Hamester and Fernando Castoldi, all Gremio players at the time, and indicates that the crimes for which they were tried and sentenced were acts sex with a minor. and coercion. .

In August 1989, during the period of the former players were sentenced, the Swiss newspaper « Der Bund », which covered the trial, published the article in the publication and mentioned that there was Cuca’s sperm in the body of the victim. The report also mentions that the girl attempted suicide after the crime.

“I can say that what is in the article (in the newspaper) is correct. What is really proven is that there was a sexual situation with a minor of thirteen,” Studer said.

Lawyers Daniel Bialski and Ana Beatriz Saguas, who are now defending Coach Cuca, sent a note to GE’s website and to the Jornal Nacional:

« The defense of Cuca considers that the lynching is irresponsible for situations that occurred 34 years ago is regrettable and contrary to the reality of the facts. by several reports of the time. Distortions and speculations will be held civilly and criminally responsible, especially since it is a confidential process, demonstrating the precariousness and inconsistency of any alleged information provided by third parties”.

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🎥 Best international highlights: City run on Arsenal, Barca embarrass

Top Premier League game between Manchester City and Arsenal, birthday party at Atlético Madrid and cup tension between Inter and Juve. Here are the highlights from Europe’s top leagues.

The exceptional team of Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland lead Man City to a beating of leaders Arsenal.

For its 120th anniversary, Atlético Madrid gave itself a gift and took care of Mallorca at home.

After a 1-1 draw in the first leg, Inter narrowly beat Juve at home and advanced to the Coppa Italia final.

European leagues face crucial weeks. The Premier League’s best game in particular makes the championship race even more exciting. And Inter are now waiting for their last opponent in the Coppa Italia.

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🔥 Please away, new record! Haaland rewrites league history

Erling Haaland was one of the best performers in the best game against Arsenal. He just didn’t want to work for a long time with his own lens. The Norwegian missed many good chances. It was supposed to happen shortly before the final whistle.

As if Haaland had wanted to re-motivate himself in the last few minutes to finally secure his entry as a goalscorer, he undid his blindfold and left his long blond mane open – like a lion on the hunt.

If it was indeed a tactic, it worked for the 22-year-old as moments later he scored his 33rd Premier League goal to set a new record in the English top flight.

In a 38-game season, Haaland replaced Mohamed Salah as the record holder. He is now just one shot away from the all-time record. Andy Cole and Alan Shearer hold that with 34 stands each, but also in seasons with 42 matchdays.

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PSG: Kempes advises Paris Messi, « to arrive fresh at the World Cup »

The Albiceleste defended their title at the 2026 World Cup, and Lionel Messi could be in the game. With that in mind, Argentina legend Mario Kempes advises the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner to stay at Paris Saint-Germain and not return to Barcelona.

Those who blame Lionel Messi for joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2021 for the sole purpose of « prepare for the 2022 world cupconsider not liking the lines that follow.

Because Mario Kempes, the man who gave Argentina its first star in 1978 and whose voice remains very popular in the country, rightly advised the seven-time Ballon d’Or to stay at PSG and not return to FC Barcelona in order to … »to arrive at the next World Cup in complete peace of mind« .

« Rely on PSG for physical and mental peace»

As a reminder, La Pulga is coming to the end of its contract in the French capital and seems to have two options for next season: an extension to Paris or a return to Barcelona. « I don’t think it’s good for him to go back. It would be better in France, to be able to arrive at the next World Cup in peace. Especially since Barcelona’s objects are different, they are still rebuilding since he left, and there are a lot of problems at the club’s be”, an estimate of Kempes in the reports offered by Mundo Deportivo.

« He should stay at PSG. Being selfish and thinking only of the national team, I tell him to stay at PSG, for physical and mental tranquility before the World Cup“, Continued the best player and scorer of the 1978 World Cup. But a question definitely arises: Messi, who will celebrate his 39th birthday in the summer of 2026, will he participate in the competition co-organized by the United States, Canada and Mexico? After the Albiceleste’s coronation in Qatar, he was rather pessimistic.

Paris will never extend it until 2026

« I don’t know, I’ve always said that because of my age, it seems to me that it’s very difficult to get there. I love playing (Site notre bureau spécialisé) I love what I do and as long as I’m good and feel fit and still enjoying it I’m going to do it but it feels like a lot until the next world Cup“, he had named to the Argentine daily Olé. The 2024 Copa America, in which the Albiceleste also defended their title, does indeed seem more approved for a farewell.

And even if Messi announces his intention to participate in the 2026 World Cup, is it possible to imagine that PSG will offer three new years of contracts? Clearly not, the capital club is already thinking of letting him leave this summer. Because both the management and the supporters now want players « implicit in the project“, which has never really been the case for the attacker. An attaché angry with the Parc des Princes, let’s remember.

Kempe’s analysis of Park whistles

The question of the whistles of the Parisian stadium was also put to Kempes, and his answer reflected his lack of expertise on the subject: « What happens is that he is playing in France, a country that played the final against Argentina, where they beat them and where Messi was the star player. What’s happening is that it hurts them to see the best player in the world in their team and he’s not performing as well as he did in Qatar.concluded Kempes, whose advice will no doubt be passed on to Messi.

Where do you think Messi will play next season? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the area « add a comment»…

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Chelsea: James at Bara, rumor denied

In recent days, there have been rumors of FC Barcelona’s interest in Chelsea right-back Reece james (23 years, 24 games and 2 goals in all competitions during the season). Simple rumors that will go no further: this Monday, journalist Fabrizio Romano explains that the Catalan club does not intend to try its luck for the Englishman.

Under contract until June 2028 and considered untouchable in London, the native of Redbridge is an unattainable target. And then, with Jules Kound, Ronald Araujo or even Sergi Roberto likely to occupy the right lane, the current league leader should have other recruitment priorities during the next transfer window.

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Lens: Henry’s nice compliment

After a superb performance against AS Monaco (3-0) on Saturday in Ligue 1, RC Lens continues to have a magnificent season. Currently 3rd in the standings, the northern club has received requests from Prime Vido consultant Thierry Henry.

« The best team to see play in L1? Yes, I’m going to say a. Dj, a lot of respect for what they did in terms of recruitment. They were looking for players who could get into their system right away. The star of this team is simply the team. It’s contagious when you see a team going forward, fighting together, regardless of the starting XI. This team is really difficult to maneuver « , appreciated ex-Arsenal striker.

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TM betting group: Arne Friedrich thanks to 10 points for Freiburg win

28th day of the Bundesliga

Former national player Arne Friedrich scored 26 points in the TM betting round on Matchday 28 of the Bundesliga and thus placed himself in the middle of the expert rankings. The 43-year-old former Hertha BSC sporting director picked up ten points in SC Freiburg’s accurately predicted 2-1 win over Werder Bremen and seven points apiece for good tendencies in the draws between Cologne and Mainz as well as Wolfsburg and Leverkusen.

Today’s winner among all community members went to user « t_schauer », who scored 64 points. In the overall standings, « Anni1 » defended the lead with 1,001 points. You are not a member yet ? Thanks to the league system, you can join the TM betting group at any time. Here we are!

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ᑕ❶ᑐ Abel reveals ‘ultra-sincere’ dialogue he had with Cuiabá coach after Palmeiras win

In his press conference after 2-1 win over Cuiabathis Saturday (15), for the 1st tour of the country Brazil Championshipthe technician Palm trees
Abel Ferreiraalso revealed the dialogue he had with the coach of the Mato Grosso team, Portuguese Ivo VieraAfter the game.

Abel revealed that he received the compatriot in his office and motivated the effort made by Allianz Parque’s Midwest team, even publishing a ‘prediction’ on Cuiabá’s future in Series A.

“Of course, this year’s Brasileirão will be more difficult (than that of 2022). After the match, Ivo (Vieira) then retrospectively came into my office for a chat. I told him: ‘If you still maintain the attitude you had today (against Palmeiras), they will have a good championship’. And he said to me: « This is our challenge: To play against all the teams as we played today against Palmeiras ».

Then, the Palestine commander analyzed the changes that Alviverde’s team has undergone in recent months, with the departure of important players, such as Gustavo Scarpa and Danilo, who have ended up being replaced by youngsters from the basic categories.

“Fortunately, we managed to maintain our behavior (on the pitch). The team (part of 2023) is no longer the same (part of 2022). We are not going to deceive anyone. The players have changed, now there are more youth. Last year we had players, this year we have others,” he said.

“Some left, and those who entered are from the base: Fabinho, Giovanni… Artur was a reinforcement who will amaze us with a good variability, to play on the left, in the center, on the right. It also helps,” he continued.

“Teams, when they play against us, come with a very strong spirit. You have to know how to suffer. There will be games where we will suffer. And when we play with teams of our level, it’s always very difficult. São Paulo, and away against Corinthians. If we had lost against Corinthians, there would have been no problem, their coach “considered” Abel”, he underlined.

“We have to improve in many aspects, that’s clear. But, at Paulista, we ended up with the best defense and the best attack. Now we have to work. There is no already built-in game model. And, in the games that we didn’t have the capacity to play as well as today, we have to win. It’s like that with all the teams in the world who want to be champions. When you don’t play well, you have to win. That’s what we did today”, he concluded.

The next matches of Palmeiras

  • Cerro Porteño-PAR (C) – Thursday (04/20), 9 p.m. (from Brasilia) – CONMEBOL Libertadores – transmission rate ESPN No Star+

  • Vasco (F) – Sunday (04/23), 4 p.m. (from Brasilia) – Brasileirao

  • tombense (F) – Wednesday (04/26), 8 p.m. (from Brasilia) – Brazil Cup