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French Football Cup: who are the Vendeans in the running for the 5th round?

The R3 team can dream of facing a
The R3 team can dream of facing a « big » in the 5th round. ©Cheffois Antigny

They are eleven to have won their ticket for the 5th round.

A little Thumb from D1

In particular the little Poucet of D1, the FC Mouchamps Rochetrejoux Winner of the R3 of FC Château-Gontier (4-2).

We will also follow the R3 of the FC Jard-Avrillé who qualified with the R2 of RC Doué-la-Fontaine, thanks, again, to his goalkeeper, Nathan Bulteau, author of 3 goals (quadrupled to 1he and 2e rounds, from a double to 3e and a triple at 4e).

The CASM (Cheffois-Antigny-Saint-Maurice), winner of Luçon 3-1, is the other resident of R3 who passes the fifth.

The R2 of Mouilleron Sport (Site notre blog d’information) also qualified against Landreau-Loroux (2-0), as did Mareuil SC in Saint-Pierre-la-Cour (3-1).

There are two R1s left in the department: theAS La Châtaigneraie who dismissed TVEC85 Les Sables (3-1) after a very open match and FCOC des Sables who snatched his qualification in additional time at the R3 of Saint-Saturnin (2-1).

Four « nationals »

If Pouzauges (N3) was knocked out by Saumur (N2) 0-1, the rest of the four national level clubs: the FC Challans (N3) big winner of Craon 8-0, Vendee Fontenay (Site notre blog d’information) (N3) qualified without shining at Don Bosco Nantes (2-0), La Roche VF (N3) who did not tremble at Chantrigné (4-0) and (Site notre blog d’information) Vendee Les Herbiers (N2) won 6-0 at Pouancé.

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Draw Wednesday

The draw for Pays de la Loire will take place this Wednesday, September 28 at 7 p.m.

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Uk Football:
PSG-Juve, the predictions of the rdac

PSG-Juve, it’s now! One of the biggest Champions League first round posters eagerly awaited by (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fans. The opportunity for Maxi(Site notre bureau spécialisé) to give you its predictions for this meeting!

PSG-Juve, the predictions of the r

Will PSG get off to a good start in their European campaign against Juve?

Incredible, all the action of Maxi(Site notre bureau spécialisé) imagines a victory for PSG against Juve for the first day of the Champions League, and six out of eight predicted a score of 2-0! And without prior consultation. And you, what do you think, what is your prognosis for PSG-Juve?

Good plan for new registrants: The odds of a Neymar goal against Juve is 2.02. If you bet €20 and one passes, you double your bet! And the odds for a Messi goal? 2.02 too! Do you think the Juventus Salon is a coup at the Parc des Princes? Cost of 8.00! Special Betway special offer for Maxi(Site notre bureau spécialisé) readers, click here.

PSG victory

PSG 2-0 Juventus (by Youcef Touaitia)

I don’t see any scenario chosen other than a victory for PSG. After the terrible Madrid illusion, the Parisians will be over-motivated to reassure themselves and strike a blow in a group that is certainly strong but largely within their reach. Moreover, Juventus have hardly convinced me since the start of the season and I find it hard to see Massimiliano Allegri and his minimalist (Site notre bureau spécialisé) upsetting a team that is objectively superior at all levels. An easy victim for PSG.

PSG 2-0 Juventus (by Damien Da Silva)

Difficult to measure up with Paris Saint-Germain at the start of the season. For its part, without being bad, the Italian club has still shown some weaknesses in recent weeks, especially in the game against Fiorentina (1-1) on Saturday. With the intention of PSG to succeed in their European debut at the Parc, I see an easy victory for the reigning French champion. A quiet 2-0 with great dominance and in-form stars.

PSG 2-0 Juventus (by Eric Bethsy)

PSG will still raise the level of the game in the Champions League. In my opinion, Juve will often be deprived of the ball and will not last long at the Parc des Princes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mbapp start his European season with a double.

PSG 2-0 Juventus (by Romain Rigaux)

« In great shape at the start of the season, Paris Saint-Germain are the big favorites against Juventus Turin, which have not been very impressive so far. Sixth in Serie A with only 2 wins in five days, the Old Lady is not ready enough strong this Stadium of the season to compete with a Parisian formation which has scored 24 goals (for 4 conceded) in 6 league matches And then, apart from Vitinha, there is no physical uncertainty for the Parisian starters on the green for PSG. »

PSG 2-0 Juventus (by Vincent Pakula)

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen PSG so dangerous offensively and especially with a formidable collective force. Even if Juventus remains solid in defense, Paris Saint-Germain Galtier version will naturally win at the Parc des Princes.

PSG 2-0 Juventus (by Romain Lantheaume)

In view of the respective start to the season of the two teams, it is difficult not to be confident for PSG. Even if they are a little less flamboyant at the moment, Christophe Galtier’s men remain for me very superior to a Juve who is still looking for itself and who risks coming above all to padlock. This shouldn’t pose too many problems for the Parisians who have attackers in good enough shape to break the opposing lock.

PSG 3-1 Juventus (by Alexis Goudlijian)

« It’s the first time that a PSG-Juve is so unbalanced on paper, and especially in favor of the French club. With their attacking trio in great shape, the Parisians should shine in their den of the Parc des Princes. Personally, I see Mbappé, Messi and Neymar scoring, while Vlahovic, again him, will score for the Turinese. »

PSG 3-0 Juventus (by Gilles Campos)

Home and face the sad Juve of Allegri, I see the PSG win quietly. Neymar will launch the Parisians on the path to easy success early in the game, and Mbappé will already end the suspense before the break. Hot part for the Parisian TGV, therefore.

Good plan for new registrants: The odds of a Neymar goal against Juve is 2.02. If you bet €20 and one passes, you double your bet! And the odds for a Messi goal? 2.02 too! Do you think the Juventus Salon is a coup at the Parc des Princes? Cost of 8.00! Special Betway special offer for Maxi(Site notre bureau spécialisé) readers, click here.