1860 Munich: Maurizio Jacobacci becomes the new coach
I’ll try to detail the pros and cons:

– Jacobacci is a very experienced coach.
– In Switzerland, he has probably already proven several times that he can straighten teams that are dragging on the ground.
– He represents pragmatic (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and is seen as a motivator – it could do the team good in the current situation.
– Jacobacci is perceived as a worker who does not complain about the available funds, but simply gets to work.
– Jacobacci comes from a popular district of Bern, which he should integrate into Giesing.

The inconvenients:
– Jacobacci has never had contact with German (Site notre bureau spécialisé). I see that as a big disadvantage, especially for the very special 3rd Division. I don’t know of any other coach who trained in the 3rd division and has never been active in Germany before.
– Moreover, Jacobacci had little or no success at all of his foreign stations. In Innsbruck and Tunisia it failed miserably. In Grenoble, the performance was mixed at best. Why should the fourth foreign adventure suddenly have to come to fruition?
– He is through the network of Yahya Ismaik, a proven (Site notre bureau spécialisé) professional role eyesopen with us.
– His style of play is said to be anything but appealing. At the same time, we have a team that has so many technically gifted players. It doesn’t exactly look like a perfect match.
– Even in Switzerland, he was never more in a club, but above all a fairly migratory bird. Fittingly, her last engagement was just a week ago.
– He doesn’t know the club or the players and not even the league – and now has exactly one week before the first game. It looks like a suicide mission.

Conclusion: Looking at Maurizio Jacobacci’s CV, the thought ‘He’s a Vitor Pereira for third division teams’ inevitably comes to mind. Unlike the great Vitor, Jacobacci is probably at least a hard worker. Jacobacci also likes to come dressed as a Ferrari. All in all, my doubts clearly outweigh the doubts. The lack of experience in Germany is actually a knockout criterion for me. Many call for a “flop with announcement”. What makes it even more difficult to accept is that there were so many other, on the face of it, far more suitable candidates. Nevertheless, I want to give Jacobacci a chance.

Buona fortuna in Monaco di Baviera, Maurizio!