😍 OneFootball ranking: The most beautiful away jerseys of the 2nd Bundesliga

You were waiting for it, now we also deliver this season. At the start of the new Second Division season, we rummaged through team cupboards and picked out the best away shirts. We were able to rely on the expertise of many (international) One(Site notre blog d’information) editors.

Neither HSV nor 1. FC Kaiserslautern have released their shirts at the time of this article and are therefore unfortunately excluded from the standings or automatically share last place. All other shirts were rated from 1 (not pretty, but rare) to 10 (I want to wear it to my own wedding).

18th place: HSV/FCK (0 out of 10 points)

We do not understand at all why the Lauterers, returned to the second division, wait so long with an away shirt for a new division. At HSV, it has now become a certain tradition to present the shirts only at the kick-off of the first competitive match, so that the Rothosen can always present the home shirt. Besides the lack of income for the clubs, it is above all one thing: just a pity.

16th place: SC Paderborn (4 out of 10 points)

If the East Westphalians had presented no work clothes, it was not worth it, at least for this ranking. There is not much to reproach the Paderborners, it is perhaps the lack of imagination which particularly struck some.

14th place: 1. FC Magdeburg (4.6 out of 10 points)

Even when you’re a promoter, you’ll probably have to sit back and think more carefully about what ultimately caused it. After all, that placement would mean relegation from the sport, which would be very much to the taste of the 1974 European Cup winner.

14th place: Hanover 96 (4.6 out of 10 points)

With the transfer offensive from Lower Saxony, much is promised at the Maschsee. From the OF fashionista perspective, a little more money should have been invested in the design of the jersey. It is therefore sufficient to remain in the league, in particular thanks to the competition, which has not yet published anything.

11th place: Jahn Regensburg (5 out of 10 points)

Next year, Lower Bavaria will continue to rely on the proven Bavarian motto « Des hamma scho always so g’macht » and bring the club colors to the market without an exciting design. At least has the advantage that the jerseys have an extremely timeless look. But that never ensures a top result, not even for the red away shirt, as always, this time with burgundy red shorts and socks.

11th place: 1. FC Nürnberg (5 out of 10 points)

The Franconians, in turn, underline their deepest bond with Schalke 04 by wearing a common away shirt as a sign of friendship – only with red accents instead of blue. A simple design with a beautiful thought.

11th place: Arminia Bielefeld (5 out of 10 points)


« Ehhmm yeah it’s ok, » said one of the interviewees of this jersey, which pretty much describes Bielefeld’s journey far and wide. A jersey made for the grassland of East Westphalia, solid. But not exciting either.

10th place: Greuther Fürth (5.1 out of 10 points)

Take the Wolfsburg design from 1998 out of the closet and the Fürth away shirt is ready! But he only gets a slightly better spot on the editorial team than Wolves last time out in the league. They were 12th last season.

9th place: Holstein Kiel (5.4 out of 10 points)

The storks are in midfield and after years of ups and downs such a balancing season could come in handy. The away shirt is the starting point and is above all very casual, a lightweight design and a color-coordinated sponsor ensure a crisis-proof place in the rankings.

7th place: 1. FC Heidenheim (5.5 out of 10 points)

On the Brenz this year, the emphasis is on an unusual design, you need to somehow attract attention. The excursion into extravagance is rewarded with a single-digit place, which must however be shared like the two colors of the Heidenheim shirt.

7th place: Karlsruher SC (5.5 out of 10 points)

The Baden-based company promises its fans « a classic in a modern look » and a reference to times past seems to please the editorial staff. This brings KSC a single-digit ranking.

6th place: FC St. Pauli (5.8 out of 10 points)

The Kiezkickers stick to their commendable initiative and produce their jerseys themselves, which was well received last year. Also this year you find yourself in the first places, at least with the away shirt.

5th place: Fortuna Düsseldorf (6 out of 10 points)

Such dynamism and the courage to take risks are apparently not only welcomed in the field, but also in the fashion editorial staff of our office. Duesseldorf’s next strong away shirt, they seem to be doing something right at the moment.

4th place: Eintracht Braunschweig (6.1 out of 10 points)

The color of the arch-rival on the shirt!? This is better received by the editorial staff than in the City of the Lion itself, and can be quickly explained by looking at the coat of arms of the city of Braunschweig. A fan’s premature leak caused a stir, prompting the Braunschweig side to release the shirt ahead of schedule. After all, you have Lautern, Nuremberg and HSV ahead of you.

3rd place: SV Sandhausen (6.2 out of 10 points)

With a mature performance, the Sandhouses jumped onto the podium. A relatively simple but not uninteresting design brings the second division personified snap a solid third place.

2nd place: Hansa Rostock (6.4 out of 10 points)

Ahead of the new season, the cards are reshuffled and fans seem to be starting over. There is no other way to explain why the old Freiburg design is reapplied on the Baltic Sea and hardly anyone wants to remember it. Or the Hanseatic variant is simply the most beautiful, anyway, silver for Hansa.

1st place: Darmstadt 98 (8 out of 10 points)

Ecstasy at Böllenfalltor! First place this year rightly goes to Lilien, who, true to the motto « Sometimes less is more », found the right tone with the editorial staff of OF.