📸 Golden prognosis? This is what the ball looks like for the rest of the World Cup

The world championship is in the hot phase, only the semi-final separates the teams from the grand final in Lusail. Adidas today presented the appropriate match ball for the upcoming games.

While ‘Al Rihla’ (the journey) was used in previous games, work on ‘Al Hilm’ (the dream) begins today. The new playing equipment was seen in action for the first time today during training for the Croatian national team. The ball is used for the semi-finals, the match for 3rd place and the final of the World Cup.


Incidentally, the fact that a « new » game ball or a new variant of the game ball is used is not new. In 2018 in Russia, a modification of the Telstar ball used at the time was used from the round of 16. From the knockout stage, the teams played with the Telstar ‘Mechta’.

Since 2006, Adidas has presented a new variant of the World Cup match ball at the latest for the World Cup final.