ᑕ❶ᑐ Premier League: Crystal Palace boss criticizes Emi Martinez for his behavior towards Kylian Mbappé

This week the Argentina national team was in Buenos Aires to celebrate winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Kylian Mbappe did everything he could to get France to the line to beat Argentina, but that wasn’t enough, as they lost 4-2 on penalties.

However, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the celebrations, with one being Emiliano Martinez having a picture of Mbappe on a doll while the squad were on a bus parading through the streets.

Martinez’s behavior did not sit well with Crystal Palace boss and 1998 World Cup winner Patrick Vieira. The former France international believes that the Aston Villa goalkeeper’s behavior hurt Argentina’s success in Qatar.

“When you talk about the abuse and the comments he has [Mbappe] received after the World Cup, I think it harms the game and himself,” Vieira told a press conference (h/t Miroites). “Some of the photos I saw of the Argentine goalkeeper took away a bit from what Argentina achieved at the World Cup.

Premier League: Crystal Palace boss criticizes Emi Martinez for his concern over Kylian Mbappé

“I don’t think they really need that. Sometimes you can’t control emotions or gene decisions, but it was a stupid decision by Martinez to do that.

The behavior displayed by Martinez against Mbappe is strange, given that the Paris Saint-Germain star netted three goals and a shootout attempt past the 30-year-old. So acting like he was keeping the goalscorer off the sheet was weird when he wasn’t.