ᑕ❶ᑐ Odair says he met Bauermann when he was 10, regrets affair and talks about environment of doubts after scandal

Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is going through a delicate moment with the Operation Maximum Sentence II, which investigates cases of manipulation involving players in sports betting. After the procedure initiated by the Goiás public prosecutor’s office resulted in 16 men being accused, including seven players, the case echoed in this Wednesday’s round (10).

No saints, Eduardo Bauermann is one of the defendants and was dismissed. After the team’s victory against BahiaCoach Odair Hellmann was asked about the situation and gave a long blast.

“We were all sad. I have known Eduardo Bauermann since I was 10 years old. He’s a teammate, an athlete, you know, you have the same analysis about him. But, as with any human being who made the mistake, who first has to be judged, proven, that he pays his sentence, that he is responsible for it, it works for all of us,” he said. .

“We had to move on, we are professionals and the answer was today. A focused group to come to the field and surrender. Of course, it makes you sad, there is no greater sadness for me, for you, for the fans. It’s a general sadness for the whole process, I hope this step will serve as an example to correct course. But that we can take (Site notre bureau spécialisé) for all of us and serve as an example to walk a path that sport brings us. The sadness remained there, the legal part remained there… You have to work, train, concentrate and deliver the best on the field. That’s what we did,” he continued.

“Like I said, it’s sad for all of us. What ends up happening with a situation like this, everyone goes to the same package. Soon, situations start popping up on social media, which this one did, no. This creates unease, in an environment that distrusts everyone. We must punish the culprits, set an example and take a step forward. See the means, the bookmakers, the people, what can be done to prevent this from happening again, in addition to a severe punishment at the end of the trial,” he added.

“We cannot learn lessons because we are not taking the next step. We all have to be together, to make a difference for (Site notre bureau spécialisé). If we remain in doubt, we lose everything. Punishment for those who need to be punished, but we need to take the next step. We, as professionals, the laws, the mechanisms, the methods, what can be done. We cannot be in the frantic search, otherwise we will be in the same process. As there are serious people, there are bad people in all professions and in humanity. The majority of society is more serious than evil. The evil is there, not just in (Site notre bureau spécialisé), and we need to find it, punish it and set an example to take action in sport and society,” he concluded.

See below which games are under investigation in Serie A

Which players are under investigation?

  • Eduardo Bauermann (Santos)

  • Gabriel Tota (Ypiranga-RS)

  • Viktor Ramos (Chapecoense)

  • Igor Carius (Sports)

  • Paulo Miranda (Nautical)

  • Fernando Neto (Sao Bernardo)

  • Matheus Gomes (Sergipe)

What numbers are mentioned in the process?

  • Vitor Mendes (Fluminense)

  • Richard (Cruise)

  • Nino Paraíba (America-MG)

  • Dada Belmonte (America-MG)

  • Kevin Lomonaco (Red Bull Bragantino)

  • Moraes Jr (Youth)

  • Nikolas Farias (Novo Hamburgo)

  • Pedroso pitcher (Inter de Santa Maria)

  • Nathan (Gremio)

  • Pedrinho (Athletico PR)

  • Bryan Garcia (Athletico PR)

Players and members of the organization

  • Bruno Lopez de Moura

  • Icaro Fernando Calixto dos Santos

  • Luis Felipe Rodrigues de Castro

  • Victor Yamasaki Fernandes

  • Zildo Peixoto Neto

  • Thiago Chambo Andrade

  • Romario Hugo dos Santos

  • Guillaume de Oliveira Souza

  • Pedro Gama dos Santos Jr.

what is the  » Maximum Operation Penalties  » investigation

The investigation of Maximum Operation Penalties points out that criminal groups have convinced players, with offers of up to R$100,000, to place specific bids in matches and profit bettors on industry websites.

A co-opted player, for example, would have the « function » of scoring a penalty, receiving a card or contributing to building the result of the match – generally a defeat for his team.

The first complaints heard by the operation came at the end of 2022, when midfielder Romário, while a player from Vila Nova (GO), accepted R$150,000 to impose a penalty against Sport, in a valid match for the series B do Brasileiro.

At the time, the athlete immediately pocketed R$10,000 and only earned the rest if the plan worked. Romário, however, wasn’t even included in the match, which spoiled the idea.

The story reached Hugo Jorge Bravo, president of the Goiás team and also a military policeman, who searched for evidence and handed it over to the State Public Ministry. From then on, the « Maximum Sentence » operation was created to investigate the evidence and suspicions in this regard.

In the first complaint, there were suspicions of manipulation in 3 Serie B matches, but the latest events have led investigators to believe that the problem was national and had occurred in the state championships and also in the first division Brazilian.

In addition to Romário, September other players have been denounced by the Public Ministry for having participated in the matchmaking system: Joseph (Tombense), Mateusinho (former Sampaio Corrêa, today in Cuiabá), Gabriel Domingos (Vila Nova), Allan Godói (Sampaio Corrêa), André Queixo (former Sampaio Corrêa, principal at Ituano), Ygor Catatau (former Sampaio Corrêa, principal at Sepahan, Iran) and Paulo Sérgio (former Sampaio Corrêa, principal at Operário-PR).

Have (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers been arrested?

No imprisoned players, only people engaged in processing claims. There were 3 arrest warrants in São Paulo, but only for non-athletes.

Stun grenades were seized in an arrest warrant in São Paulo for firearms at another address, also in São Paulo. There was also a gun act without proper registration.

Athletes or scouts can be charged via fan status and can also be held responsible for the crime of money laundering, if applicable. According to the Fan Statute, the sentence ranges from 2 to 6 years in prison.

What did the players do to manipulate the matches?

Athletes and suspects participated in the investigation for manipulation in the following ways: receiving yellow or red cards, commissioning a penalty, guaranteeing a partial defeat in the 1st half, number of corners, etc .