ᑕ❶ᑐ Newspaper says rivals are angry with Vinicius Jr. in Spain: ‘Fed up with their continuous and systematic provocations’

vinicius jr. a and troubled on and off the pitch in Spain. According to newspaper information Sportsthe striker’s ‘systematic provocations’ have caused his opponents to revolt, as happened more recently last Saturday (6) during the Copa del Rey final against Osasuna.

The Spanish daily published that the Brazilian’s behavior in the decision ended the rivals’ patience once and for all.

« Vinicius’ behavior in the Copa del Rey final has worn down everyone’s patience, especially some rivals who are already fed up with his continuous and systematic provocations on and off the pitch, » the newspaper said. which goes even longer:

« The Brazilian could have received all the praise for his excellent play, especially in the first half, which was a nightmare for his goalscorer, Jon Moncayola. But that final is only remembered for his condemnable attitude towards his rivals, with the referee of the match, José María Sánchez Martínez, with the public and with his own teammates, who no longer know how to deal with Vinícius’ behavior,” the Spanish newspaper pointed out.

Also at the end of the first half of the Copa del Rey decision, Vini Jr got involved in a heated argument with David García, defender of the health. After entering the area with ease once more, the formerflamenco ended up being touched by the opposing defender, fell and got up quite pissed off. García also, in a provocative gesture, touched the Brazilian’s hair, which irritated him even more.

In the last minutes of the first stage, the merengue striker still received a yellow card for complaint and was grounded by the referee of the final.

After being provoked and arguing with the rival defender, Vinicius Jr. showed the shield real Madrid. The action was a recurring one for the Brazilian after being provoked by his opponents.

Alongside Rodrygo, Vinicius Jr. was a protagonist in the Copa del Rey decision. With Victory 2-1the club from the Spanish capital won the tournament’s 20th title.

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