ᑕ❶ᑐ ‘If they spend a bit more…’: Guardiola congratulates United on title with thumbs up

At a press conference last Monday (27), the coach of Manchester City, Joseph Guardiolaa pleasure the Manchester United pour the bring home the English League Cup titledefeated by red devils not last Sunday (26).

However, Pep’s congratulations were accompanied by a show of nudges, mainly due to the very big investments made by the ‘Red Devils’ during the last transfer window.

« Sooner or later it was going to happen (United’s late title drought), wasn’t it? It was certain that it was going to happen,” said the Catalan.

“Congratulations to United for winning the Carabao Cupand congratulations also to newcastlebecause the game was very good,” continued.

“If they spend a little more, they can (fight for titles more regularly). It’s because they didn’t spend anything, right? a sacked Guardiola, mocking the constant questions he receives about Manchester City’s high spending on the ball market.

“It’s something normal. United are now in the normal place, where they should always be. The reality is that they have struggled against two teams in recent years, the liverpool and us, and they always had good numbers,” he recalls.

« When I came to City, I knew United would come back (to be a powerhouse), because of their history, because of everything. And Erik (ten Hag) is doing a fantastic job, » he praised.

Since 2016, Manchester United have spent 835 million euros (5.3 billion reais) on the ball market. In the same period, the Citizens they spent half of it in full: 478 million pounds (3,031 billion R$).

More nudges

But Pep’s pinpricks didn’t stop there.

Asked about United’s enthusiastic celebrations for winning the League Cup, which is considered the least important competition on the English calendar, Guardiola was ironic and sour.

« You see how committed their players were, how they were together on the pitch. When you’re six, seven years without winning a title, you have to give it your all, » he stressed.

« I remember when we went to our first Coupe de la Ligue final, everyone was very excited. For our staff, it was all new, for the players too, » he recalled.

« Already the fourth time in a row that we went to the final of the Coupe de la Ligue, it was a bit: ‘Oh, okay, another final, another day at the office… », said He’s joking .

« It’s normal. United have to be in the final. In recent seasons we have always been better, but the gap is closing. premier leagueanything can happen,” he concluded.

Where to watch Bristol City vs Manchester City?

City of Bristol X Manchester Citythis Tuesday (28), at 5 p.m. (Brasilia time), by FA Cuptime broadcast live by ESPN No Star+.