ᑕ❶ᑐ Casagrande blows up idea of ​​Kaká as national team leader: ‘He turned out to be ironic, superficial, without ideas and without respect’

The CBF is working behind the scenes to find the new coach of the Brazilian team. UN. ESPN discovered that Carlo Ancelotti, super champion with the real Madrid, a gives a positive sign to represent Canarinho. And, according to Uol, the entity still wants Kaká as director of selections, in a double with the Italy coach to repeat the partnership of the time of Milano.

Walter Casagrande did not approve of having the five-time world champion in 2022 as a coach.

For the former player and now columnist for OhKaká doesn’t have enough personality for the job.

“To say no to Kaká as director of selections at the CBF is to say no to hypocrisy. Pendant and after world Cup of Qatar, in 2022, the « masks » of Kaká fell. He was ironic and superficial. He showed no ideas and no respect,” Casão writes in his text.

The president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, will be right if he chooses Carlo Ancelotti or Abel Ferreira. But, if you take Kaká along, the CBF profile won’t change at all. It can be activated by genes that take advantage of being glued to the Brazilian team. With Kaká we continue without representation, as was the case with Juninho Paulista, because the profile is the same. It is not because he is a five-time champion that he has the personality to be director of CBF selections, ”he analyzed.

Casagrande believes it is necessary to change the face of the national team, starting with the directors working behind the scenes.

« It is necessary to change the face of the Brazilian team, of those around it and, above all, of those who benefit from it in one way or another. There are former players who have personal interests with the selection, players’ agents and other people who try to take advantage of the proximity,” he said.

It should be recalled that Kaká and Casagrande exchanged beards on the Internet during the World Cup in Qatar. Cas also harshly criticized the former player for not attending Pele’s funeral.

What we know about Ancelotti and the Brazilian national team

As discovered ESPNUN CBF and Ancelotti do not publicly confirm any agreement at this time, as the coach still has a contract with the Spanish club until June 2024. There is also no signed commitment with the CBF, just a positive sign.

Details of the contract, which would be for three years, starting in July 2023 until August 2026, after the end of world Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada, are still under discussion.

Real Madrid’s Brazilian players also already have this information, according to the report. They regret that the coach is leaving the club, but they think he is a good name to lead the five-time world champion team – the Meringue team today has Éder Militão, Rodrygo and Vinicius Jr., all present in Coach Tite’s group. in the Qatar Cup.

This Friday afternoon (10), in Morocco, Ancelotti spoke on the subject.

« I didn’t know. The situation is simple: I have a contract until 2024, » he told a press conference in Morocco.

Ancelotti has been at Real Madrid since 2021. During this second stint in the team, he was champion of the Champions League and also from the league. Previously, he captained the club between 2013 and 2015. Brazil, in turn, would be Italy’s first job at the helm of a national team.