ᑕ❶ᑐ Abel reveals ‘ultra-sincere’ dialogue he had with Cuiabá coach after Palmeiras win

In his press conference after 2-1 win over Cuiabathis Saturday (15), for the 1st tour of the country Brazil Championshipthe technician Palm trees
Abel Ferreiraalso revealed the dialogue he had with the coach of the Mato Grosso team, Portuguese Ivo VieraAfter the game.

Abel revealed that he received the compatriot in his office and motivated the effort made by Allianz Parque’s Midwest team, even publishing a ‘prediction’ on Cuiabá’s future in Series A.

“Of course, this year’s Brasileirão will be more difficult (than that of 2022). After the match, Ivo (Vieira) then retrospectively came into my office for a chat. I told him: ‘If you still maintain the attitude you had today (against Palmeiras), they will have a good championship’. And he said to me: « This is our challenge: To play against all the teams as we played today against Palmeiras ».

Then, the Palestine commander analyzed the changes that Alviverde’s team has undergone in recent months, with the departure of important players, such as Gustavo Scarpa and Danilo, who have ended up being replaced by youngsters from the basic categories.

“Fortunately, we managed to maintain our behavior (on the pitch). The team (part of 2023) is no longer the same (part of 2022). We are not going to deceive anyone. The players have changed, now there are more youth. Last year we had players, this year we have others,” he said.

“Some left, and those who entered are from the base: Fabinho, Giovanni… Artur was a reinforcement who will amaze us with a good variability, to play on the left, in the center, on the right. It also helps,” he continued.

“Teams, when they play against us, come with a very strong spirit. You have to know how to suffer. There will be games where we will suffer. And when we play with teams of our level, it’s always very difficult. São Paulo, and away against Corinthians. If we had lost against Corinthians, there would have been no problem, their coach “considered” Abel”, he underlined.

“We have to improve in many aspects, that’s clear. But, at Paulista, we ended up with the best defense and the best attack. Now we have to work. There is no already built-in game model. And, in the games that we didn’t have the capacity to play as well as today, we have to win. It’s like that with all the teams in the world who want to be champions. When you don’t play well, you have to win. That’s what we did today”, he concluded.

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