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😂 Even Wednesday: Bayern cause trouble, CR7 swallows and Vöööölllleeeer

(Site notre blog d’information) is actually an emotional sport, it awakens very different feelings in us: joy, sadness, ecstasy, fear. But (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©) is also a business that involves millions and thousands of jobs. This is why things are often so serious. The pleasure is a bit short.

We don’t want to accept that – and that’s why we always consciously bring it back on Wednesdays! With our memes we take back the (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©) events of the last few days. And I hope to make you smile.

Coach earthquake in Munich

FC Bayern Munich probably provided one of the biggest German media sporting events of the year last week. The sacking of head coach Julian Nagelsmann and the hiring of Thomas Tuchel as his successor not only raises questions, but also provides the perfect breeding ground for a good chunk of memes.

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While Bayern officials seem to ignore the fact that they paid 25 million euros for Nagelmann just two years ago, the 35-year-old should probably ask himself after his expulsion: please what? Somehow understandable if you still have all the triple chances with your team and only recently towed the entire set of Paris stars out of the Champions League.

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In the meantime, Thomas Tuchel has every reason to be happy: after his equally surprising exit from Chelsea, the returning Bundesliga player can, with a bit of luck, win three titles at the end of the season. There were some bad days for the former Mainz coach.

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After the subject of discipline on SĂ€bener Strasse has increased in recent weeks, the supposed looseness should now hit bottom. Thomas Tuchel already had the famous nutrition plan as a master key at BVB, PSG and Chelsea.

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Bayern keep the national team on their toes

It would have been too nice. For the first international break after the failed World Cup in Qatar, the DFB would have wanted nothing more than rest for the national team. However, this calculation was made without Bayern. The Nagelsmann-Aus was basically a constant topic at every press conference.

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FĂŒllkrug scores goals with joy

One person at the DFB doesn’t seem to be bothered by all the press fuss: Niclas FĂŒllkrug. The 30-year-old seems capable of competing with any team at the moment. Last weekend, the Bremen man took down Peru almost single-handedly with a brace and the striker also scored in the game against Belgium.

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And the DFB defense like that?

Four goals in two games, oversupply in midfield anyway, but defensively it doesn’t really work for Hansi Flick and his team. Three goals against Belgium speak for themselves. Of course, the whole team is involved in defence, but the national coach has yet to find the right mix for the defensive side.

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Non-gender with Vööööölllleeeeeeer

Of course, the national team has completely different problems than on the pitch. At least one might get the impression. New sporting director Rudi Völler believes the DFB team is at least on par with world champion Argentina. « At some point it’s good » with diversity and human rights, Völler said in the « Frankfurter Rundschau » and clarified once again that the dispute over the captain’s armband during the Cup world was not conducive to performance.

He also stressed without being asked that he would not change in the future. « Gender is not my thing, » says Völler. Maybe the DFB should really focus on sporting issues first.

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Ronaldo swallows and scores against Luxembourg

Does he really need it? Against Luxembourg, the Portuguese fell near the penalty area early in the second half and tried to score a free kick. It was already 4-0 for Ronaldo’s side back then. Of course, the question arises whether he really needs it. This also happened later on social networks, where users who disagreed with CR7 had a lot of fun.

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Of course, Ronaldo – as he did against Liechtenstein – also set up a brace and thus continued to pour into his goal tally. He still holds the record for most international goals and has now raised it to 122.

The eternal GOAT debate probably only continues with Messi’s world title only in the sense of debate culture. However, the fact that double standards are often used in social media is also part of the truth.

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While Cristiano Ronaldo obviously only fuels his ‘worthless’ stats with goals against the (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©) dwarfs of Lichtenstein and Luxembourg, Messi is, according to his supporters, the best in (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©) history on his own to have scored a hat-trick in 45 minutes against the national team. from Curacao.

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Netherlands: blessed, Depay accuses the blow 

Scorer faces Gibraltar (3-0) after the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Netherlands striker Memphis Depay (29 years old, 88 caps and 44 goals) forced out on injury in the 63rd minute. Affected by the physical problem, the Atletico Madrid player used strong words at the microphone of the Dutch media NOS.

« It’s a tough season for me, it’s very tough mentally. It might be the toughest season of my career so far. But unfortunately times like this are part of a career. Once it’s over, I’ll probably know the good things again », a comment from the former Lyonnais.

After a very complicated first part of the season at FC Barcelona, ​​Pay still found colors with AtlĂ©tico.

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ᑕ❶ᑐ Palmeiras announce the signing of midfielder Richard RĂ­os

O Palm trees agreed this Tuesday (28) to hire the midfielder Richard Rioswho competed in the Paulista Championship from 2023 by Guarani. The 22-year-old Colombian has signed a contract until December 2025, with the option of a one-season extension.

« I’m happy to be at a club as big as Palmeiras. This is a team that has stood out a lot in national and international competitions. I was impressed by the structure, which gives all the support to the athletes,” said the midfielder, born in MedellĂ­n.

Rios went through the base of the flamenco, where he played for the under-20 category, in 2018, having distinguished himself for the national futsal team. He played seven games for the professional team in 2020 and, the following year, was loaned to Mazatlan, you Mexico. In 2022, he will be transferred to Guarani, for the next stage of the B series of the Brazilian Championship.

“My trajectory is a bit atypical. I played futsal until I was 18 and stood out with the Colombian national team in a championship in Rio de Janeiro. Then I had the opportunity to come to Brazil and I was able to stand out too. I had a short stint in Mexico and, coming back from there, I went to Guarani, I played in Serie B last year and I had a good campaign in Paulista this year. .

At this year’s state championship, the midfielder provided the spotlight for his versatility: he scored two goals, provided one assist and was one of the tournament leaders in tackles and key passes (which is usually a but situation).

“My goal was to have a good campaign at Paulista, but unfortunately we didn’t take the next step. I’m glad Palmeiras watched me and saw my style of play,” he commented.

RĂ­os will be the 2nd Colombia in the team, joining Atuestaand the 10th in Palestinian history – the previous eight were RincĂłn, Lozano, Asprilla, Muñoz, Armero, Mina, Borja and Angulo, who is loaned to City of Orlandoof the budget university.

« It’s always good to have responsibilities in your job, because you do things well. I’m happy to carry on this legacy that the Colombians have left to the club. It will be an honor to be able to work with Atuesta as well. Maintaining the it’s about doing things in the best possible way. « Path and leave the doors open for other Colombians in the future, » said the athlete, who defined the affection of alviverde fans as a crucial factor for his room.

“Since the rumors started, I have been very happy. I got a lot of messages on social media, a lot of calls – I don’t know how they got to my phone (laughs). This affection is always very important for the player to feel welcome. . After that, I wanted to come to Palmeiras even more. I hope to return it in training and in matches in the best way,” he concluded.

The next matches of Palmeiras

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« A target to be shot down », Platini reacts to Mbappé’s words

While Kylian MbappĂ© attributed Michel Platini’s total goals in the France team was only a step for him towards the heights, the former number 10 of the Blues was not offended.

« It’s both an honor, and it’s the next target to shoot down. » This sun the words that were dropped by Kylian MbappĂ©, to evoke the place of Michel Platini in the class of the best scorers in the history of the France team. Now fifth with 38 achievements, the Bondynois wants to get closer to the tricolor star of the 1980s, who has long been the record holder for goals with the Blues with 41 achievements.

“Michel Platini is an absolute legend, added MbappĂ©. Whether I overtake him tomorrow or the day after, he will remain a legend of French (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©). But I want to continue my journey, and it will go through Michel Platini. » After « Platoche », MbappĂ© intends to tackle Antoine Griezmann (43 goals), Thierry Henry (51) and Olivier Giroud (53).

Mbappé was very direct in displaying his ambitions, relegating Platini to the rank of a simple stage to be franchised, even if he puts a minimum of form by qualifying him twice as  » legend «  you French (Site notre bureau spécialisé). This way of communicating did not move the heroes of Euro 1984, if we are to believe the words of his friend Jacques Vendroux.

Platini « not all embittered »

« Michel Platini, first of all, loves the player MbappĂ© very much, addressed to the journalist on Europe 1. Secondly, it’s true that I spoke to him on the phone a while ago, it’s true that I told him, ‘you’re Mbappé’s next target’, he told me ‘he no problem, he beats my record. If he beats my record, it’s because he scores goals and if he scores goals, it’s in the best interests of the French (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©) team, that suits me very well. »

“Knowing him for so long, I can tell you that Michel is not at all embittered, assures Jacques Vendroux. He is happy for the French (Site notre bureau spĂ©cialisĂ©) team. Whether it’s MbappĂ©, so much the better, whether it’s another player, so much the better too. Him, it’s the interest of the jersey, it’s the interest of the France team. »

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Bram Football: the women’s youth cup

the essential
Beautiful final phase of young (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers at the Stade des Pyrénées. In rugby, PLM XV was beaten on the wire.

Soccer. On Saturday, from 9 a.m., the GFPLM hosted the final phase of the Aude Women’s Under 13 Cup on the facilities of the Pyrenees complex. As for the boys of the same age, there were classic oppositions (three meetings), but also technical tests, challenges related to the Federal Educational Program (PEF) on several themes such as health, the environment, fair play, which punctuated the day and entered the final classification. At the end of the day, and the accumulation of points obtained by each of the teams, a classification was established to designate the 3 qualified for an interdepartmental event (Aude, AriĂšge and PyrĂ©nĂ©es-Orientales) which will take place on Saturday April 15, always a Bram.

GFPLM. The Under 17s won against FC CorbiĂšres 4-2 (goals from Raphael Turchetto (2), Gabin Galy and Ryan CorrĂšze). Victories for the Under 15s at Villegailhenc 7-1 (six goals from LĂ©o Sommer, and one from Noah Saintot-Berthault, at the end of a very collective match), and Under 13s B against GOAL III 6- 1, defeats of Under 13 A at Pieusse 2-1, and team C against Limoux-Cougaing 0-6.

ASB. Only the « Loisir » team played, and it won 4-2 at Chalabre.

Rugby: end of season for PLM XV. We had written that the Maureilhan-Montady dam would be difficult to cross, and we had been right since, for 75 minutes, President Pierre Billard’s men were in front on the scoreboard before cashing in a vulnerability and a try in complete find the match, whistled by the referee in confusion according to supporters, on the score of 21-20 for the locals (to read also in the Montreal section). The rugby school was in Castanet with two Under 8 teams and an Under 10 team, where it had mixed fortunes, and an Under 12 team in Capendu where it lost twice but where educators have noticed great progress.

handball The Under 13s were beaten 36-7 at Fabrezan and the Under 15s 21-43 against Clermont l’HĂ©rault. The Under 13 girls won 38-12 in Limoux and the leisure team against HB du Minervois 19-14.

Uk Football:
the Blues win in Ireland thanks to Pavard and Maignan

This kind of success snatched with teeth, guts and a little talent, too, serves to weld this new generation for this new era, taken over by two clean sheets and six points in two games on the road to Euro 2024.

Lack of speed

The fireworks of the first 20 minutes against the Netherlands (4-0) seems to be a distant memory in front of this first period as long as a day without pain. After five minutes of observation, the Blues took control of the ball against an Irish block as low as they were grouped together. They tried to stretch the opposing defense and crossed a lot (17 times at half-time) but never found Giroud’s header.

They especially lacked speed, despite the accelerations of Kolo Muani on the right and the good will of Camavinga, preferred to Tchouaméni in the low point of the middle. Too many touches of the ball, and too few ideas, movements and accuracy, these are the French faults of the first 45 minutes, during Rabiot lost 12 balls. Mbappé, he never knew how to pick up speed, for lack of available space.

Result: no chance before the break. The only situation will have been for Kolo Muani, who did not know how to take a nice opening from Upamecano (9th). Irish goalkeeper Bazunu had no saves to make. Maignan either, moreover, even if Hernandez was in great pain on his left side, as much to attack as to defeat Ogbene.

Deschamps’ hug

The alarm clock was sounded by his counterpart on the right side, Benjamin Pavard, who had lost his place following the first match of the World Cup against Australia. After a ball lost by Rabiot, he recovered it by pressing very high and seeing a violent strike under the crossbar (50th). And Deschamps gave him a long hug when he was replaced by Koundé, in a competition that may be relaunched.

Giroud, also holder, left shortly after the hour mark without having had the slightest good ball to eat. This may stir up some debate about him, especially since the first French opportunity after the goal came from his replacement, Moussa Diaby (69th). The Bayer Leverkusen player should also have done better on a contra (77th), in the last quarter of an hour when the Irish opened up a little more space, which allowed Rabiot to try his luck too (75th ).

The men in green then began to push for good and it took a magnificent save from Maignan on a header from
 Koundé (89th) then a last one, exceptional this one, to prevent Collins from finding the skylight of the head. After the penalty saved against the Netherlands, he could not have hoped for a better start to his reign.

Uk Football:
Thierry Henry, the Blues can fear the worst!

While the Blues have an appointment this Monday in Dublin to challenge the Irish team, the memory of the hand of Thierry Henry during the play-offs for the World Cup in 2009 will be in everyone’s mind.

Almost two months after an epic Ireland-France in rugby and concluded with a success of the XV at clover, it is now the Blues of Didier Deschamps who are expected in Dublin. And this time, the meeting could be much less balanced. The famous fighting spirit of the Irish will in any case be put to the test. Because three months after their defeat on penalties in the World Cup final against Argentina, the France team showed a particularly sensitive face on Friday against the Netherlands, corrected 4-0.

Passing through a press conference, Stephen Kenny, the Irish coach, was also full of praise for the Blues. « Obviously we’ve seen a lot of France, the best team in the world for the last eight years for sure, did he throw. She was consistent playing in both World Cup finals, winning one World Cup and losing the second on penalties. It was an impressive performance, very rare. A No. 1 seed with world-class players like everyone else and, I guess, to lose like that
 It was a definite loss, that’s very rare. So it was interesting to see. »

Ireland have not beaten the Blues since 1981?

However, the Irish coach does not leave beaten in advance and relies on the strength of character of his men to create the feat. And to motivate his troops, the technician did not hesitate to broadcast images of previous confrontations between the two nations, including the Irish victory in 1977 against the Platini gang. One of the latest successes of the Green Army against France since Ireland has not beaten the Blues since 1981. Irish players have also been able to see images of the narrow defeat of their predecessors in Lyon, during the round of 16 of the Euro (2-1 ) as well as those of the play-offs for the World Cup in the fall of 2009.

Beaten 1-0 in Dublin, Ireland failed to reverse the situation in Saint-Denis. But that was without counting on a goal from William Gallas during extra time. A but remained in history for the double main order of Thierry Henry on the action. “The players have seen the images and are now aware of the whole story because some are young. There is a great story in these encounters, some results have been exceptional and we must be inspired by them”, a throws an Irish coach eager for revenge.

Uk Football:
Retegui, Italy has found a new n°9

This 23-year-old attaché playing in Argentina is registered his second but in two selections with Italy, which won in Malta (0-2) this Sunday.

Good news and great stories are rare at the moment with the Italy team, but this one is clearly worth a look. Mateo Retegui, this attacker that nobody knew before the last week, has just registered his second but in two selections with the Nazionale.

Rete who? This 23-year-old player plays in Argentina, in his country of birth, with the modest club Tigre, where he is on loan from Boca Juniors. Hearing that he had scored 6 goals in 8 league games, the Italian federation became interested in this player who has Italian ancestry through his grandparents. And as Roberto Mancini is crying out for pure No. 9, here he is, instantaneous the chance of his life.

Launched into the deep end against England, Retegui had scored the only but of his team against the Three Lions (1-2), with a gesture from the center forward. In Malta, this Sunday, Mancini had decided to change eight incumbents out of one. But he kept his goalkeeper and captain (Donnarumma), his right side (Di Lorenzo) and therefore his new striker.

Retegui was still present, since it was he who opened the scoring with a header, on a corner from Tonali (0-1, 25th). The San Fernando native launched his team on the path to a huge dull victory, since there will be only one other goal, signed Matteo Pessina (0-2, 27th). Retegui, he left in the 66th minute to make way for his direct competitor, Gianluca Scamacca (West Ham). But he has undoubtedly made an appointment for the final phase of the Nations League in June, at the same time as he has problem raised his rating with Serie A recruiters.

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VIDEO. Football: Romaneli’s beautiful goal for AS Cherbourg in Avranches

The Brazilian Romaneli opened the score for AS Cherbourg, in Avranches.
The Brazilian Romaneli opened the score for AS Cherbourg, in Avranches.

On the occasion of this 19th day of National 3, the reservists of the US Avranches retrieve the AS Cherbourg, for a new one that is important from the perspective of maintenance. The locals had to remember in 9th place while the visitors wanted to move a little further away from the relegation zone.

The mighty but of Romaneli

The South Manchois did not succeed. He is still shot in the (Site notre bureau spécialisé), conceding a goal in the 3rd minute. Romaneli recovered the ball from 30 meters, advanced in the defense and fired a powerful shot in the opposite corner (0-1, 3rd), scoring his 7th goal of the season in the league.

The Avranchinese still managed to come back to the score just before the break on a penalty converted by polletmaster bedroom suite diabated (1-1, 45th+1). But they failed to pass the second in the second period to win.

Technical sheet: Avranches B – Cherbourg: 1-1

My time : 1-1 arbitration : Mr Muriel.
But : Avranches: Pollet (45th + 1 sp); Cherbourg: Romaneli (3rd).
advertisement : Avranches: Rennes (10th), Lemeray (50th), Eboumbou (57th), Sabihi (90th+2); Cherbourg: Thioune (41st), Kerjean (61st), Tendeng (70th).
AVRANCHES : Bisson – Launay, Bresteau (Sabihi 65th), Hamard, Leherpeur (Blaecke 65th) – Lemeray, Eboumbou, Lescroart (Lebreton 79th), Rennes (cap. MĂ©nard 83rd) – Ameke, Pollet. Ent. : Christophe Duboscq.
CHERBOURG : Pelleray – Loisel, DiabatĂ©, Rotrou, Dubois – Tendeng (cap.), Hamard, Kerjean, Letan – Romaneli, Thioune. Not returned: Allou, Cardet, Fleury, Perrey. Ent. : Vincent HĂ©bert.

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Uk Football:
Soccer. Randal Kolo Muani, all beautiful brand new in the France team

Euro 2024 qualifiers (1st day). France – Netherlands: 4-0

This is called an express adaptation for a player still recently unknown to the general public but whose talent and ardor almost rocked a World Cup final on December 18 in Qatar. Randal Kolo Muani, 24, had his second tenure in blue on Friday, after six selections. And if the first against Tunisia in the group stage of the last World Cup during the match of the « hairdressers » had gone unnoticed, that against the Netherlands confirms the new role of the other Bondynois of the Blues in the France team, to whom more No one returns his last missed opportunity against the Argentinian Martinez, who still haunts his dreams.

The slender striker, who was still playing at FC Nantes last season, revealed himself in Germany with Frankfurt, where he signed up free last summer. Where the tricolor number 12 has a blast and delights his supporters with already 11 goals and 12 assists decided in 24 Bundesliga matches. The value of Kolo Muani is estimated today at more than 40 million euros and it is said that the striker could only stay one season at Eintracht. To see higher in the club and push the limits not yet known of an unexpected and unsuspected revelation at this international level.

Involved in the first 3 goals, Friday

In the French team, « RKM » embodies the future in a central position where the competition is not fierce either: Karim Benzema has retired, Olivier Giroud will be 37 in September and Christopher Nkunku, injured, is more interesting as a second striker or attacking midfielder. Comet Kolo Muani is here to stay. And has everything to settle down.

Kolo is full of confidence, he has this capacity for movement, percussion, dribbling. He was very interesting in everything he did. He is able to pick up, to be in depth, to play on one side or the other.

Friday, if he does not concrete a great opportunity on the hour mark, he is at the origin of the penultimate pass on the first goal of Griezmann (2 ‘), ‘Upamecano (8’) and a superb gesture of instinct by causing the ball to slip for MbappĂ© on a sharp pass from TchouamĂ©ni for the third (21 ‘). Very active, Kolo Muani did not hesitate to come into the heart of the game to touch balls, to move out of the way to let MbappĂ© go inside and his ball prices often set fire to an already orange Dutch defense. at kickoff.

“Kolo is full of confidence, he has this capacity for movement, percussion, dribbling, confided Didier Deschamps to the microphone of the Equipe 21 channel about his new jewel. He was very interesting in everything he did. He is able to pick up, to be in depth, to play on one side or the other. He confirmed everything he did after his World Cup and it is a different profile from Olivier Giroud or Marcus Thuram”. The Blues have also less sought the aerial center, Friday, an area where Kolo Muani does not yet excel, who nevertheless has everything Modern.

Van Dijk: « France of talented attackers »

“He was important for us as a fulcrum, analyzed TchouamĂ©ni in turn. On the pass I make, he is decisive because he drags the defenders with him to free Kylian. He can be satisfied”.

« Randal brings us mobility, depth, he knows how to keep the ball and defend, that helps, » smiled Eduardo Camavinga when Dutch captain Virgil van Dijk, suffering on Friday, like all of his teammates, confirmed that  » France of talented attackers. And with Randal, you have a good one”.

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